Portland Deck waterproofing is a great new service from Dial One Roofing Portland. Our deck membrane installation gives you reliable protection from wood rot and molds! This product is made to go over your existing deck, and keep the surface area under your deck dry. It's great if you'd like to barbecue year round, or if you'd like to use an area under your deck for storing your items. This is not paint that you put down, but rather it's a waterproof deck membrane, similar to vinyl flooring, that is used to water proof your decking and give you a slip resistant deck. Available in many colors and thicknesses, this membrane will last for decades and requires no maintenance. Come take a look and some of our deck photos and completed projects!

classic barley classic barley
classic sandstone classic sandstone
classic-still classic still
chip-sonoma chip sonoma
granite-chip granite chip
heritage-agate heritage agate
heritage-aspen heritage aspen
heritage-sienna heritage sienna
heritage-sunrise heritage sunrise
marble-mocha marble mocha
marble-pewter marble pewter
marble-slate marble slate
supreme-granite supreme granite
supreme-taupe supreme taupe
surco-cappusino surco cappusino
surco-latte surco latte
surcoseal-gray surcoseal gray
surcoseal-suede surcoseal suede
ultra-cork ultra cork
plazadek plazadek
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