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Qualities Of Metal Roof

metal roofing at the union station

Metal roofing has been used as a weather barrier on homes and office buildings since before Christ walked the earth. Metal roofs has always been a long lasting, weatherproof barrier against the elements. Copper was the original metal used for metal roofing, because of its abundant supply and ease of processing. It has served a dual purpose of keeping water out of the structure, while also adding a means for collecting rain water for drinking use. Because of its resistance to earthquakes and lightweight nature, metal roofing panels were passed from home the home as a structures needed to be rebuilt. As iron and bronze were developed, more forms of metal panels were developed for cladding of armor, protection of the elements, and of course protection in the home. Through all of time, metal roofing has shown that it will outlast all other roofing products. Many roofs in ancient Europe still have their original metal roof on their structures.

Just like the metal roofing stemming back thousands of years, today's metal roofs are very strong, lightweight, and fire-proof (remember that on the 4th of July). The metal is now made from steel, coated with baked enamel paint, and comes with a 40 year to warranty against fading or peeling. The paint contains UV inhibitor which will bounce some of the sun right off, so you house is actually cooled by the roof! Contrary to belief, when it rains hard or hails, there is no more noise from the metal roof than any other kind of roof because of the substrate that it's sitting on.

The Historic Union Station in downtown Portland was originally built in 1896, and its metal roof was replaced in 2011, one hundred fifteen years later!

Metal Roof Installation

residential metal roof

Metal roofing is fabricated to the exact specifications of your house, so you need to select a qualified roofing contractor with lots of roofing experience. Dial One Roofing has been installing metal roofs and the Northwest since 1984. Metal roofs can be extremely difficult to install, and must be installed by a qualified technician.

Because your metal roof is probably going to last more than a lifetime, it needs to be installed correctly, by qualified installers that know how to install metal roofs. Not all metal roofing products are appropriate for all structures. Different roofing structures may need different type of ventilation, allowances for expansion and contraction of the metal, different thicknesses or weights of metal, and a variety of other issues that need to be addressed prior to selecting your metal roof product. For example, longer metal roofing panels that would expand a great deal would require a floating roof system, obtained by attaching clips on the bottom side of the panels. A residential roof would probably do well with a standing seam metal roofing, because the majority of homes are less than 30 feet from the gutter to the top. Areas with high volumes of snow need to be built so they are protected against ice damming, and areas towards the coast need to be protected against the salt air.

As you can see, each application is going to require a different type of fastener, panel, metal type, and/or thickness of metal roofing panels that only a qualified metal roofing installer will know about. And that's what you get what us, decades of metal roofing installation and experience.

Metal Roofing Cost

metal roofing costs

    Metal roofing is more costly than a standard composition roof, namely because it takes longer to install, is made from steel, has a long warranty and, most importantly, will never need replacing. From a Portland roofer's point of view, it's perfect for this area!

    The factors that make a metal roof more labor intensive, and labor costly, is the degree of difficulty associated with the job. A house that is 2 straight sides with no valleys is relatively painless, and will go rapidly. However, a roof of a lot of valleys, or is somewhat steep will make the job slower, and therefore more expensive. The material cost of steel is roughly double to that of a composition roof. Different thicknesses, or gauges, will also be influenced the price of a metal roof. Other materials that the amount of pipe affect the price of metal roofing are the pitch, the underlayment, whether or not you need to install plywood under the roof, the type of roofing felt used, the amount of pipe collars and vents added to the roof deck, and how cut up the roof is in general in terms of trying to make straight panels fit any deviations in the roof deck. Also, once your roof is off, this is a great time to add insulation above the roof deck, and below the roofing panels.

    Because are so many different roofing factors, we can only tell you exactly how much is going to cost by giving you an estimate.

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