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If you are within 10 miles from Portland, Oregon and looking for a reliable roofer then you have reached the right place! With Dial One Roofing, we can show you how to get the perfect roof with a lifetime warranty, improve the air quality inside your house, reduce energy bills, and give you cooler summers and warmer winters! We have been doing this for thousands of homes for the last 32 years.
We are also now serving the Oregon Coast. If you need a new roof or the best roof repair in the business, give us a call! Providing quality roofing since 1979, we are one of the most trusted roofing companies in Portland, extending to the Great Northwest. Because of our customers unwavering trust, we are the top choice for many business establishments like restaurant chains, banking institutions, strip malls, and more.  CONTACT US TODAY
Every customer is different and so is their roof. That’s why we bring a unique approach to every roof we service.



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Extensive Roof Warranty

Your home is protected with the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Roofing Warranty.


Best in Class Workmanship

Professional Workmanship & Qualify of Service.


Outstanding service

Trusted in Oregon with a proven track record since 1979


The Right Balance

Improve air quality in your home by properly balancing the ventilation in the attic.


Our Safety Promise

The Safety for Our Employees and Clients.


When you’re looking to hire a roofing company, you should be concerned about the level of service that you’re going to be getting on your job, the supervision over the project, and quality of the completed roofing installation. Dial One Roofing has been in business since 1979, and it’s only because of our focus on service. When it comes to our experience, we concentrate our efforts as a service provider in three main areas;

Trust Our Experience!

Dial One Roofing of Oregon Inc. has provided thousands of customer’s high quality roofing services for over 3 decades. We are a tested and proven roofing company who can deliver! We strive for perfection and pride ourselves on always seeking that. We are positive your project will be as good as we can make it. We concentrate on safety, not just for our employees, but for your job sites as well. We require professionalism in terms of schedule, product, and installation. And we require excellence: All jobs are to be installed with the highest quality products, the best warranty, and the best installers. We appreciate you looking at Dial One roofing. We won’t let you down!

Roof Repair Service

Is your roof in need of repair? Give us a call. Don’t wait on a leaky roof!

Owens Corning Contractor

Dial one roofing has been a Owens corning preferred contractor for over a decade..

Roof Leaks & Mold

Don’t let a roof leak turn into a much bigger problem. Call today.

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