Our Story

Our Beginnings

Dial One Roofing of Oregon, Inc. began as a partnership under the name Tri-County Roof Service, for the treatment of moss on roofs and sidewalks. The process was simply to spray a zinc based product on the moss, and then let it die and fall apart. While the process was effective, it was by no means fast, but the results were spectacular. Pressure washers were not a common item then, and were very expensive if you could find them at all.

beginningsThen on May 18th, 1980, it happened... Mount Saint Helens explodes pouring 2" to 3" of ash on everything in sight. Every roof needed to be cleaned off, every gutter cleaned out. Yards, patios, and patio furniture all had to be cleaned off, and the ash removed and disposed of. We purchased two pressure washers, and went to work. Fortunate for the company, the ash made moss grow on everything at an unstoppable rate, therefore constant work was available. For 4 years we did nothing but pressure wash roofs to remove moss and ash.

A Roofing Company is Born

In 1984, the company and all assets were was purchased from the previous owner, and at that time roof installation services was added to our lineup. In 1986,we franchised by the Dial One Services Group.

Ever since, we have been installing commercial and residential roofing in the Northwest area. in the late 80's we added roofing, commercial flat roofing, metal roofs, Roof repair services, and skylights, and deck membranes to our services.  As of today we feel we are and strive to be the authority on quality roofing in the Portland, Oregon area.  This and the satisfaction of our customers drives us every single day to be the best we can be.

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