Flat Roof – Commercial

Commercial Flat Roofing

flatroofs-i1We have built our long-term relationships as a roof contractor with our customers by listening to their needs and determining the best flat roofing systems and products for their buildings, and by advising which will last the longest with the least amount of maintenance.

Dial One Roofing's commercial flat roofing programs and repairs ensure customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service, detailed project specifications, and preventive maintenance plans.

Because we are sheet metal fabricator, we can complement every flat roofing job with our sheet metal services. Our technically trained crews install top quality sheet metal applications, and adhere toroofing contractors and manufacturer's standards.

Let us show you why so many building owners have trusted Dial One Roofing with their roofing needs. Call us at (503)-244-4300 to schedule an estimate for your roofing project, or to have your roof evaluated for its current life expectancy.

PVC Membrane Roofing

flatroofs-i2Tar roofs are out, PVC is in! A lesser known fact about flat roofs are that the roof products have changed.

The 'hot tar roof', installed with hot tar and a mop has been replaced by a thin, light weight PVC membrane.

This product has no oils to leach out, no shrinkage, or areas for moss and debris to build up.
And because it's a membrane, we can perform services to build up certain areas and divert the water anywhere we want it to go!

No re-trussing, just add some thick foam underneath that's cut at an angle, and it's no-more-standing water!
This pure white roof will reflect most of the sun's rays from building, and will last decades!

Certified Flat Roofing Installers

  • Certified Installers for a Lifetime warranty
  • We carry most flat roof products
  • Installing flat roofs since 1979
  • Fast efficient service
  • All tools on board for quick repairs

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