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Portland TPO Roofing

Flat Roofing Membrane

tpo1Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) , like PVC roofing, is the fastest-growing roofing product in the industry.Our TPO Membrane has ENERGY STAR solar reflectance of .87 and emissivity of .95, and what that means is that your house or building is going to stay cool once your roof-ing is installed. TPO, similar to its cousin PVC roofing, are very strong roofing membranes that are fabricated to resist harsh weather. With an extremely strong seam-strength, and overall resistance to wind up lift, TPO roofing is an excellent roofing surface for long-term care of your home or business. Sometimes used under green roofs as the waterproofing membrane, TPO is capable of withstanding ponding water for an extended period of time.

Single Ply Membrane - TPO

tpo2Dial One Roofing's single-ply TPO membranes come in a wide range of thick-nesses, widths, colors and lengths. Membrane thicknesses are available in 45, 60 and 80 mils , up to 8 feet wide. The TPO membranes are available in white, gray and tan, and all accessories are prefabricated to easily weld together at jobsite. Because of the way that the roofing materials are attached, the material is very resistant to wind up-lift, but for added strength the material can be fully adhered down to the deck, or ballasted with rocks or gravel. All TPO membranes come with a 10 year or 15 year system warranty, and extended warranties up years can be offered based on certain conditions. For a less expensive, yet prov-en roofing membrane, our TPO roofing

Lightwieght, Strong and Energy Saving!

  • Available in white, gray and tan
  • 10 and 15 year warranties
  • Class A fire rating
  • ENERGY STAR solar reflectance of .87
  • Smooth surface resists dirt and debris build-up.

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