Metal Roofing – Commercial

Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Roll Formed Onsite

metal-roofing-004Formed onsite, our commercial metal roofing is mechanically attached metal roofing panels can be made to any size, thereby reducing seams. Our mechanically fastened 24G. steel roofing that can be used directly over purlins, thereby reducing the need for additional deck structure. This is perfect for commercial steel buildings and pole barns. We can adapt the roll forming so that the roofing panels can be bent and set in almost any location! Our typical roof formed roofing is 16" in width, 24 gauge in thickness.

Because we can form onsite, our ability to run materials out is far safer, and minimizes chance of damaging the materials during transport. Delivery can sometimes become a problem with longer or heavier panels, but our ability to lift the machine to load the roofing minimizes waste and costs. If the product is heavy, as with thicker roofing panels, this advantage can save thousands in material costs, and days in preventative setup and delivery.

Mechanically Seamed Roofing

metal-roofing-005Commercial metal roofs are typically longer, wider and have different structural values than a residential roof. Mechanically fastened panels allow for this. By making the panels out of heavy 24 Guage steel, we are able to produce a structural panel, that allows for spanning over beams, rather than having to install a solid roof deck prior. The panels attachment point is a clip mount under the panels, that allows for the panels to expand and contract, and there are no exposed fasteners with the panels. This system allows for broad coverage, with no maintenance and a long term roofing solution

Strength is built into the roofing with our commercial metal roofing, and the thicker the metal, the stronger the roof. After installation of the metal panels, our robotic seamer triples the roof strength by binding the panels together permanently, allowing for a greater span between perlins, and eliminating the need for decking under the roofing. That's right, this roof panel acts as the complete structural roof and deck in one! Save money while adding incredible strength to your structure.

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