Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing And Portland's Climate

Portland's rainy climate is extremely hard on roofs. Your roof is constantly being tested by the elements, and it's no wonder that the average roof lasts only 15 to 20 years. Building your roof properly to withstand these weather patterns is a must if you want the roof to all the hard work, not you!

One of the best roofs to withstand the extreme weather in the northwest is standing seam metal roofing. Also known as 'tin roofing', 'snap lock' metal roofing, and steel roofing, these roofing products are built to withstand anything that gets thrown at them.

Metal Roofing Colors And Paint

Available in a variety of colors, standing seam metal roofing comes prepainted with weather resistant resin paint. Because the resin paint is similar to a car's exterior finish, the metal will be protected for decades. Kynar 500® PVDF based resin can reduce energy consumption by up to 70% by reflecting the heat's UV light away from the roof, and cool he building exterior better than regular finishes.

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Kynar 500® PVDF based resin will not chalk or fade, will retain its color and gloss, and come with a 40 year warranty. Because the roof will never need to be replaced, make sure you pick the exact right color, choosing the wrong color can be a lifelong mistake.

But Is It Noisy?

Of all the metal roofs we have installed over the decades, not one customer has mentioned any noise from their metal roofing. And while it make sense that you might hear the rain or hail hitting the metal, because the metal is in direct contact with the underlayment, roofing felt, the doesn't get a chance to 'ring' as you might think you'd hear. Actually, a metal roof makes no more noise than any other roof. Built to last a lifetime, standing seam metal roofing is the last roof you will ever install.

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