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Installing skylights will add value to your home and even enhance it's selling potential.  Adding more ceiling light to a home can provide the illusion of more spaciousness and add a natural warmth to a home. Positioning is important though as a badly placed skylight can have the opposite effect.  That is why it's important that you choose the right contractor to place and install your skylights properly.

  • NAHB research reveals that 55% of new homeowners rate skylights as desirable or essential.
  • Seventy-eight percent of new homebuyers are asking for more light and more open and spacious rooms. Skylights can help create the illusion of bigger rooms.2010-08-30 01.11.46
  • Shrinking lots are forcing larger homes closer together with less privacy. Installing a roof or tubular skylight instead of the traditional kitchen or bathroom window bring in light without giving homeowners views into each other’s homes.
  • Adding skylights can help reduce energy costs and provide natural sunlight instead of turning on lights to illuminate a room.

tubularskylightTubular Skylights

Dial One Also offers and installs Tubular skylights for tighter spaces like hallways and laundry rooms that can benefit from more natural light but don't have the space for a traditional skylight. Tubular skylights represent the fastest-growing segment of the skylight market. Solatube is now offering their 10- and 14-inch Solatube as an Energy Star-rated product.


Adding skylights to your house is easy when you're getting a new roof. Because you have easy access to your and roof deck where the skylight will go. Cutting the hole and making the hole to your desired area is relatively painless. It does however require some preplanning, and some thought needs to go into how much light you're actually going to be bringing into the room. We are cautious about putting a skylight into a bedroom because the moon can sometimes be exceptionally bright when you're trying to get some sleep. The best place in a skylight, however, in a kitchen or in a bathroom. In and those cases, we always recommend an opening skylight. That way you can let the water vapor from the sink or showers out of the house.

Your Dial One Roofing representative carries all of the skylight information and can help you decide what type and size of skylight would be best for your home

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